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Starting 2018, I will also be writing in English

I have had a website for the last 15 years, it was always only in Dutch. Nice, but not suitable for an international audience.

From now on (2018) I will try to write everything in English. I hope to provide information about windsurfing to a broarder audience.

Currently I'm working behind the scenes to prepare everything.
Web pages must be converted to work dual language. All existing texts (and that's a lot of them) will need to be translated. A large part of the older texts I will translate via a computer. I've chosen Microsoft Azure because, currently, seems to give the best results. Texts that are translated by the computer are going to be marked as such. If I have time I'm going to check al the computer translate text by hand.

All new texts, starting 2018, have been written in both English and Dutch. (always better than computer translated texts.)