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Moved to PHP 7.2

I had my website running on PHP 5.6 for almost 2 years. My hoster has been offering PHP 7 for a while now, but didnt have time to move to 7 yet.
After having read a good article about the advantages of PHP 7, put in some time to move from PHP 5.6 to 7.2.
Eventually I will have to make the move anyway, my hoster will eventially stop supporting PHP 5.6.
In addition PHP 7 should be a lot quicker then, so still a good reason to switch.

It costs a lot of time to go over all pages to check if they are still working.
Main issues:

  • Split command is no longer supported
  • Optional function parameters must now be explicitly declared via: "= null"
Cost me a couple of hours. A lot of pages had to be checked.
Could be that there are still some pages not working, if you find one, let me know.
In terms of speed, the statistics so rending time have been decreased by more then 50%.