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Renault Zoe: day 2

Day started with a trip to the Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch: 44km drive. Zoe started with a range of 265km. On the highway I drive my normal speed, so if allowed I drive 130 km/h. The range drops quickly when you drive 120+ km/h. On a big part of the road is only 100 km/h allowed, and I arrive with 188km of range left.

The parking garage of the Hogeschool has a couple of Charge Point, all available. I take the first one. They are all Ecotap Charge Points. Plug in the cable, swipe the Elec2Go card. Very long wait: blink blink. Red. Maybe the Elec2Go card is not supported: NewMotion pas: Wait, I guess more then 1 minute: red. Okay, take out the plugs, start and stop the car: try again. Cable first into the Charge Point then in the car. NewMotion pas. No, do not succeed. I do notice that the cable on the pole side is not locked.
It's a double socket Charge Point, so lets try the other side. Cable in: Elec2Go pas: click and charging! Maybe something is wrong with the other side of the Charge Point. After my appointment I go back at the car: there is an i3 to charging on the socket g that it did not work for me: no idea! Remains crazy. This Charge Point also does not release the cable without using a pass.

At home used another public charger: this time an Alfen ICU from Allego. Cable in, Elec2Go card: Charging! On departure it did not go well. I unplug it first from the car. Cable stays stuck in the Charge Point. That seems to be a bit standard, I swipe the pass, nothing. Did I get the wrong pass? No, with the NewMotion only I start the other side of the Charge Point. Then call the helpdesk of Allego? No, there is no phone number on the Charge Point. Plug the cable back in the car, swipe the Elec2Go card. Transaction starts. Disconnect first from the car. Charge Point clicks. Cable is release from the Charge Point, so it is possible.

Renault Zoe charging at ICU Allego Charge Point

In the evening to Amsterdam, 105km. We should be able to get that back and forth, especially if we were to drive not too fast. But there are a lot of Charge Points in Amsterdam, atleast 4 different locations within 5 minutes walking. So we drove normal highway speeds. Car still had 64% left, so even only 1/3rd used. The Charge Point was a Nuon/EV-Box. Plugging in, Elec2Go card: Ring went to blue and green, what does that mean? And went to green: charging. In the middle of the night I am not going to take any risks, so then just first pass and then cable out. No problems.

Day 2 and 2 times issues with a Charge Point, that's really too much.
Allego, why is there no phone number on your charging station?