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Renault Zoe: Day 3 through 5

On Saturday had to do some errands, sufficient range, so did not have to charge. The Nuon/EV-Box Charge Point that is closest to my home was occupied all day: Charge Point Blockers. Didn't need the car on Sunday, so no hurry.

Sunday morning the Charge Point was still occupied, Monday trip to Utrecht, so used the Allego/ICU Charge Point again. Trouble-free charging this time.

On Monday 70km to Utrecht, no problem in terms of range for back and forth. Always nice to test a Charge Point. The parking garage had an old NewMotion Charge Point. Charging went flawless with the Elec2Go pass. Unlocking required the RFID to be swiped to unlock the cable.

Meanwhile, I learned that years back they agreed to keep the cable locked. This is because in the beginning there were cars, like the Outlander and the Ampera, that could not lock the cable to the car, and a cable could be stolen. As a result, riders now have to do an extra action.

Charge Point Blockers: a nationwide solution such as Social Charging would be a great solution.