It was a go: the Red Bull Storm Chase. This time in Ireland. Wind Force 10, insane high waves and the best and most radical wave surfers of the moment, gusts up to 130 km/h. That means: very impressibve images. [Read...]

.Photo of: Red Bull Storm Chase 2019.

Just like 6 years ago windsurfing as Olympic sport was discussed. This time, without any problems, it remains an windsurfing Olympic. Material is going to change. More vendors, more sails and Foil as an option. Kiters are also Olympic, but in a mixed event. [Read...]

.Photo for: Windsurfing also in 2024 during the Olympics..Photo for: Windsurfing also in 2024 during the Olympics.

For years, there has hardly been any innovation on extensions. The North Power XT exists since 2004. Now there is the NoerStick, really a new concept for an extensions. [Read...]

The rumors were there last week, but now there are photos of the 2019 photo shoots in Maui. Clearly a North Sails Super Hero, but then the 2019 model with a Duotone logo. [Read...]

.Photo for: First Photos: Duotone (previous North Sails)..Photo for: First Photos: Duotone (previous North Sails).

There's a rumor that Boards-and-More is going to lose the license to the name North Sails. Rumor is that they will continue under the name Duotone. Yet another brand that Boards-and-More is going to lose. [Read...]

It took very long this year, it's already mid-April, but the dates for the NK Slalom (Dutch Championship) are finally known. Sure enough, they did it again, its a bit of a mess. [Read...]

Starboard is testing a more first eco-friendly board construction. The Eco Board Project ambassador Florian Jung is testing the construction in South Africa. Starboard: The Ecoboard Project was started with one objective in mind: to be as energy efficient as possible. This starts by using raw materials that have a lower carbon footprint than those used today but with equal or improved mechanical properties. By being one of the fastest growing trees, Balsa wood could be one of the solutions to reach this objective. [Read...]

.Photo of: Starboard Eco Board project testing.

Today Severne launched there 2016 product range. This includes for the first time boards: The Severne NuEvo. He we know that name: Starboard has been making the NuEvo (evolution of the Evo) since 2013 [Read...]

C3 production fins no longer exist, unfortunately. Boogie and his business partner have broken. Boogie indicated he is going to make customs again. Unfortunately, the Venom, Sting and Slingshot fins will not be made anymore. Do you have this kind of top C3 fins? Handle them with care! [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Just heard, Peter Volwater (H-24) is deceased. A great all-round surfer who as one of the few in many different disciplines, very successful games has dangers. RIP Peter. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) For me it is for the first time in years that I see a really new concept in a wave fin. A fin which looks like a saw. We are going to kite lines cutting? The inspiration comes from a whale. I'm curious and hope to be able to test him quickly. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Set Makani Kauila v2 fins got to test it. See and feel good, a lot of sense to test them. [Read...]

Again there was no wind forecasted, so again the Regiocup Zuid (Southern Dutch Championship) was canceled. To bad, was really looking forward to some competition. But the weather here is great, so hanging around with friends. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Wind forecasts for 1st or April were not good, 6 to 10 kts. Organisation announced that only the Techno, RS: X, Race boards and Formula classes would compete, no Slalom, so no competition for me. [Read...]

It took a lot longer then normally, but finally all dates and locations for the NK (Dutch Championship) are known. Almere and Lelystad have been added. Hope we will have good conditions soon, I need some training. [Read...]

I just had an email from the chairman of ZW7 with an update on the dispute between ZW7 and WWT. New name for competition demanded, new name will be: de Schotsmancup. [Read...]

The last years the RegioCup Zuid (Southern Regional Championship) was organized by Regiocup ZW7 and WSB. In 2011 that was done by WWT and ZW7. This year WWT organized the RegioCup without consulting with ZW7, and not on the Veerse Meer. ZW7 is not happy with that, so they have organized their own RegioCup at the Veerse Meer. [Read...]

Good News! There are 11 RegioCup Zuid events planned this year! After the news from WWT, that they will be organizing 6 RegioCup days alone, without any surfclubs, now ZW7 announced that they will be hosting days op RegioCup as well. [Read...]

It took a little longer than usual, but most dates for the various Dutch competitions are now known. There are a few interesting changes, for example the Regiocup South is no longer at a fixed location. [Read...]